Art Concentration!

1:32 PM

Hey guys!  I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend! (Sadly we are looming on the dreaded Sunday)
Well, I was wondering if you could all help me with a little project for my art class.  In my class, I am required to create a series of thumbnails that will soon become my concentration.  I know this all probably sounds boring to you, but no worries, your job is very simple!

All I need you guys to do, is to answer one simple little question.  

What makes you feel limited?

Now what does this mean?

Well it could be anything!  You can interpret this question however you want, and your answer could be as simple as one word, or you can go in depth and explain it!

Well, some examples I came up with could be: Race, Gender, Age, etc.   If any of those were your answer, I would love if you could explain why that makes you feel limited!

Thank you guys!!  It would mean a lot to me if you could all just spend a second to answer!
There are NO wrong answers!!
(  and hey, if I like your idea, it may become a painting ;)  )

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