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Since I kind of had a period of disappearance, I thought that I would give everyone a little update!
So!  It's been a rough year.. but I'm still hanging in there.  Advanced Placement art class has been... advanced?  I guess you could say?  Hah.

A little about Advanced Placement Studio;

It sucks
It's stressful
One piece due every two weeks
It's stressful
You pick a topic, and then create twelve cohesive pieces about that topic
It's stressful
And it's due May... 9th?  I think?

I'm no where near done (:

Now I made these little preview shots a few weeks ago, (so I am a good bit further than this), but here's what this year looks like!

Later I'll probably make another post, to show what one of my (almost finished pieces look like).

Love you guys!  
(I know my blog is small at the moment, but I appreciate every single one of my readers!)


Galina Thomas: GIVEAWAY! $200 of NARS Cosmetics

Hey guys!!
Galina Thomas's Blog, is having their first giveaway!

So the prize is 2 VOGUE magazine cover postcards and NARS cosmetics worth £150:

 Mini Multiple set for eyes, cheeks, lips. Sweet Disposition 3712 £24
Blush/Bronzer DUO. Sin Casino 5122 £30
Single eyeshadow. Night Life 2062 £17
Single eyeshadow. California 2018 £17
Duo eyeshadow. Dogon 3084 £25
Velvet Gloss lip pencil. Frivolous 9103 £17.50
Cinematic lipstick. Future red 9603 £18.5

To enter, check out the rules on her blog!!

The giveaway is worldwide and ends on April 22nd!  So hurry!

I'm Sorry!!

Hello all!

I really haven't been on here in forever.. I guess I just felt like no one really cared about this blog.. but I know that you have to grow your blog before you gain followers!  So I'm really going to try to get back into this thing!  If anyone has any tips, I would love to hear them!  

The Lost Blogger,

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