Senior Concentration: 4/12

So at this point I was a third way through my senior concentration.  I was continuing to develop my theme/ideas, and was progressing rather well.  Looking back on this piece, I'm extremely unhappy.  I see so many anatomically wrong features, but I'm just really not feeling like they're worth fixing.  So this is piece four.
Acrylic and Oil paint on stretched canvas.
16" x 20"

Senior Concentration: 3/12

This is the third piece of my concentration.  At this point I had developed a method for my paintings.  I would start with the pattern by using acrylic paints.  After the acrylic pattern dried, I would move on to doing the portrait in oil paints.  My portraiture was getting a weeee bit better, but yeah, I was just in the beginnings of my journey.
Acrylic and Oil paint on stretched canvas.
20" x 16".

Senior Concentration: 2/12

Yes.. as I promised.. this is part two of my senior concentration.. 
Yes, it makes me want to cry.
Yes, it's complete crap.
But hey, we all start somewhere right?
Oil and Acrylic Paints on Stretched Canvas.
I think it's a 14" x 11" canvas.

Concentration Piece: 1/12

The first piece of my concentration.. wasn't in love with it back in.. September?  
I honestly can say that my hate for it has grown.
Pretty sure that this piece is 12" x 32".
Oil paint on canvas boards.
Ashamed of it.. but hey, it was my second or third time using oil paints.
Tomorrow I'll post piece 2/12.. it is considerably worse :')

AP Concentration

I know this is eons late.. but I finished my concentration... ON TIME.
That was a huge surprise for me, because I really had no hopes of it being done before the deadline.  Now the fun part is waiting... I get to see my final score on... July... 7th... I think?  
I will slowly upload everything, I promise.
Hopefuly my next post (:

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