Fall 2014 - 2D Design - Piece 4

Looking through all of the assignments I was given, this was definitely one of the more... intensive ones (to say the least.)  This was completed last year around the time of Thanksgiving (YES!  I am that far behind on posting!!)  
I remember this one pretty well because it was assigned to us during Fall break.  My Fall break was spent with my loving family... cooped up in a hotel room.  This project caused me to sacrifice my Fall break; I get to see my family for the first time in months... and what do I do?  I spent those few hours slaving over a design project.  
They did manage to pull me out of my hysterics for a few hours by taking me to see The Boxtrolls (which was perfect by the way- I am a die hard Tim Burton fan.)  
If I were to take a guess... I'd say this project took 18+ hours to complete.  

Materials: one 18" x 24" sheet of all-purpose white paper, black and white construction paper, a 15" ruler, rubber cement, several black sharpies, and a black Prismicolor pencil.

(I don't know if you can tell by the picture, but there is a layer of paper collage.)

Fall 2014 - 2D Design - Piece(s) 3

This assignment required us to collage 7 different black and white shapes; the shapes could be circles, triangles, rectangles, and squares of different sizes.  The goal of the assignment was to create three different dynamic compositions under the constraints we were given.

Materials: 8.5" x 11" sheets of black/white construction paper and rubber cement.

Fall 2014 - 2D Design - Piece 2

I know I'm bad at posting... still trying to get better at this whole blogging thing!


Well... I lost the paper that described the assignments so...

Materials: Two 18" x 24" sheets of all-purpose white paper, and an assortment of different sized black Sharpies. 

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