Fall 2014 - 2D Design - Piece 1

I think that from here on out I'm going to try to post a piece of my work every day!  
Look at it as a sort of "art dump."  I will be posting all of the work that I have completed; most of it being work that was completed throughout the fall semester.  I was too lazy to do this before, but now I'm going to try to stick to a schedule!

I hope you guys enjoy the plethora of boring assignments that I had to complete for my foundations classes!


Just Line
Objective: To study the potential of line to create form by making a non-objective composition constructed entirely of line.  Lines should contain the full range of values, as well as dynamic balance of figure/ground (ambiguity) and positive/negative shapes on the picture plane.

Materials: One 18" x 24" sheet of all-purpose white paper, several black prismacolor pencils, and one 15" metal ruler.

My Last Painting of High School

Okay!  So I know what you're probably thinking... high school??  Wasn't that a while ago?!
Well, yes.. and as you guys can probably tell, I suck at this whole blogging thing..
I am going to try to keep posting though (even if months pass in between each post.)
Hopefully one day I'll just become inspired to uphold a blog, but until then, sparse posting now and then will have to do!
So!  Without further adieu, here is the last painting that I had complete for my AP Studio class.
I haven't touched oil paints since.. as much as it pains me to admit.  I really miss the medium and hope that some day I'll have time for them. 
This last piece really shows how much progress I made throughout my senior year.. I never like my work, so of course I have nothing really to say about it.. but here it is.

Sadly, I don't have the painting in front of me at the moment, but I think the canvas is 20" x 24".
Oil paint on stretched canvas.

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