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3:45 PM

Since I kind of had a period of disappearance, I thought that I would give everyone a little update!
So!  It's been a rough year.. but I'm still hanging in there.  Advanced Placement art class has been... advanced?  I guess you could say?  Hah.

A little about Advanced Placement Studio;

It sucks
It's stressful
One piece due every two weeks
It's stressful
You pick a topic, and then create twelve cohesive pieces about that topic
It's stressful
And it's due May... 9th?  I think?

I'm no where near done (:

Now I made these little preview shots a few weeks ago, (so I am a good bit further than this), but here's what this year looks like!

Later I'll probably make another post, to show what one of my (almost finished pieces look like).

Love you guys!  
(I know my blog is small at the moment, but I appreciate every single one of my readers!)


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